Studying the effects of Operating Systems on happiness

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11 thoughts on “Studying the effects of Operating Systems on happiness

  1. had win10 on a laptop & it annoyed me so much that i ended up wiping it and putting on peppermint os instead. ever since then using my laptop has been a way better experience. anytime i have to use windows i hate it because it just feels slow and bogged down with crapware

  2. Love this idea. I can't wait to see the results. Are you going to make the results available in agregate? Or a way to mix and match the results to make sure our internal answers to all these answers are proven true by manipulating these results our way?

  3. Did take the survey, although I'm a very new(on my 8:th year) sysadmin for Linux, the Debian OS makes me unbelievable happy because everything just works.

  4. I mean, an OS that makes me very happy but tanks productivity is pretty useless for a business. Like i just sit in on the desktop and feel joyinstead of working

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