Manjaro Linux becomes a company!

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34 thoughts on “Manjaro Linux becomes a company!

  1. This can be a good thing, but look what happened to Mandrake when it became Mandriva. People packed their bags and left. You have to k ow your audience to make a bold move like that, so hopefully, Manjaro is right.

  2. personally I hope they charge like $1 per month in order to use it. If there are 10 million monthly users of Manjaro then that would come to $120 million per year.

  3. So I think they have setup 2 different things.
    1. The fiscal host that receives all the donations and will manage them in a not for profit style, but if everyone agrees it can go to the Manjaro company.

    2. The Manjaro company that sells their laptops/merch etc and will employ the maintainers.

    From my understanding donations don't go to the company only profits from merch and stuff. Donations will be used for community stuff like infrastructure, branding, and other community projects.
    But they pay checks and stuff for the maintainers is to all be sourced from the company. They also partnered with blue systems, but I'm not sure who they are.

  4. I'll honest I was kind of excited to see a successful volunteer ran distribution, but if they they think this is what they need to do for themselves and the distro I trust them.

  5. I'm for this. Now that Manjaro has a vested business interest in Arch's existence and overall well-being, perhaps they'll actually contribute upstream! Bug reports, fixes, attribution for PKGBUILDS, you know, the simple things.

  6. I fully agree with what Lunduke said about freedom, not just in the liberty sense, but in the economic sense as well. And it works, other distros such as @Linux_Mint
    gather enough in donations to do well. Personally I'd rather donate as much as I can than having a paywall.

  7. I've been using Manjaro for about nine months now and I love it. This makes me want to donate to Manjaro if I was not poor and broke. I've only been Linuxing for about a year and Manjaro is the reason I have stayed.

  8. So stupid question (probably), cause I'm new to Linux. Can Manjaro becoming a company be compared in structure and goals to the company Red Hat or are there multiple differences between those two relative to their corporate structures? Not for sure I understand why Manjaro becoming a company is better than status quo?

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